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Once Again, GBCAs Grabbed the Headlines

Once again, gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) made the news. “MRI Patients Flush Gadolinium Into San Francisco Bay”  C&EN Latest News by Jyllian Kemsley. This time, it is the potential threat to the environment. On the flip side, it is a

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Triarylmethyl Radicals—the Discovery and Beyond

The discovery of organic free radical, the triarylmethyl radical, was reported in JACS by Moses Gomberg in 1900.1 The report ended with an interesting statement. “This work will be continued”—that is great! But “and I wish to reserve the field

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Challenges in Organic Radical Research in Rajca Lab

Organic radicals are typically unstable at ambient conditions. A molecule with an unpaired electron was once thought impossible until Moses Gomberg proved otherwise in 1900. The history of the discovery of organic radical is fascinating and worthwhile reading.  The discovery

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A Long, Tough Road Toward an Organic Magnet

Yes, preparation of practical organic magnet remains a very difficult, challenging problem. Many may believe it is impossible, some may have doubt, some may say–waste of time! It is not easy to go against the nature…those electrons are happy to

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