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Advice for Graduate Students

Alright, Fall semester is upon us once again, starting on Monday! Wow, so many happy smiling faces around here.  Starting graduate school is surely exciting. It’s a new beginning…forget about the past record, it is all about the new ride.….The

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UNL Chemistry Graduate Studies… and…Nebraska Advantages?

Hello, if you are considering graduate program in Chemistry, perhaps you should take a look at Nebraska. Hey, just look at the map…. Do you see…… the Nebraska Advantage? No, I am not making this up! “Look at a map

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RajcaLab: A Look Back at 2007 and Happy New Year 2008!

A Look Back at 2007: It has been a heck of a year! I term of accomplishment, it was a reasonably good year for us with 7 publications (JPCC, JOC Note, JACS Communication, JACS Article, Tetrahedron Symposium-in-Print, SynLett Account and

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