Just Musing…

Well, it has been rather quiet around here….the RajcaLab Weblog. We had four posts on Helicenes during the past month and a half period. I personally had fun writing these posts. I dunno if this was noticed… it wasn’t really all about Helicenes but rather about how the research projects were developed and how to figure out different ways to solve problems along the way. There were quite a bit of details in these posts, which could be boring to some but might be interesting and helpful to others. I hope at least those extra stuffs that were not written in the journal articles are interesting. Anyhow, I feel that these posts have signified the RajcaLab weblog, with some sort of identity….

It has been interesting two weeks since my last post. Having to resubmit our two NIH proposals in the past ten days, and then reading about the rich NIH investigators, I was in the mood to do something I never thought about before… drawing some cartoons….Here is my first strip.


That’s it…my weekend musing….

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3 comments on “Just Musing…
  1. Ψ*Ψ says:

    I’d bet gambling in Vegas is a lot more fun than writing grants…


  2. SR says:

    Grant writing is fun… but not getting grant is NO fun.


  3. Milo says:

    Man, I was stoked when i got one grant. I can only imagine the sheer joy at getting 6 or 7 of them!

    Gots ta luv da En Eye H


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