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UNL Chemistry Graduate Studies… and…Nebraska Advantages?

Hello, if you are considering graduate program in Chemistry, perhaps you should take a look at Nebraska. Hey, just look at the map…. Do you see…… the Nebraska Advantage? No, I am not making this up! “Look at a map

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Just Musing…

Well, it has been rather quiet around here….the RajcaLab Weblog. We had four posts on Helicenes during the past month and a half period. I personally had fun writing these posts. I dunno if this was noticed… it wasn’t really

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Carbon-Sulfur [11]Helicenes: Syntheses, Structures and Properties

*This is the 4th post of the helicene series* Yeah, asymmetric synthesis of carbon-sulfur [7]helicene was great! But with the iterative synthetic scheme, it seemed we could keep going and going…forever….ha ha ha,…on paper, of course. It was kinda fun…

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