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Carbon-Sulfur [7]Helicenes: Syntheses, Structures and Properties

*This is the third post of the Helicene series* Alright, we had the beautiful all-thiophene, or carbon-sulfur, [n]helicene structures drawn out. The question was…how to make them? Organic synthesis can be very arduous and challenging, especially for molecules with complex

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Carbon-Sulfur [n]Helicenes: The Beginning.

*This is the second post of the Helicene series* An unexpected discovery…that would be wonderful… But sometimes one research project could lead to another unexpectedly…. This was how we started the carbon-sulfur helicene project. So, when carrying out research projects,

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Ah, Those Aesthetically Pleasing Structures …. [n]Helicenes

Helicene was recently posted by Molecule of the Day as example of chirality. The post included the link to the Wikipedia page that badly needed updated information. So, when you get to Wikipedia, keep in this in mind…you may miss

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