One Month Old, I am Just a Baby Blogger

Exactly one month ago today, I started this weblog. One month old, I am just a baby blogger, still learning and developing. Maybe it is too early to say how productive this weblog will be. But, like we usually do when carrying out a research project, it is good to take a look at how we are doing along the way. OK, let’s take a look at the stats so far.

Blog Stats: Total Views: 231; Best Day Ever: 23 — Sunday, January 13, 2008
Totals: Posts: 6; Comments: 12; Categories: 7
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Glad that we have 231 hits, not a big number, not that we expect the big number anyway, just hope the visits were worthwhile for those who stopped by. Hey, we even had the visits by blogger gurus, Jean-Claude Bradley, Mitch, and Ψ*Ψ, and hey, thanks for taking time to leave the comments. As expected, the most visits were referred from our group homepage.

I still hope to have other lab members to join the fun with this weblog. I have approached a couple guys but so far no one jumped in yet. Heck, I don’t even know if they read my posts! I think blog, if utilized properly, is one of the great platforms for developing important skills such as writing, presentation, communication, and more importantly, for developing ideas and presenting them. I admire those, especially undergrad and grad students, who choose to write blog posts rather than doing other things, like playing video games, watching TV, etc. For me, this blog is more or less a way to relieve boredom…from the good life in the Corn Nation… Learning and developing should be good medicine for that! At the same times, I thought documenting some activities in and around the lab would be a good idea, especially I hope to write about some interesting experiences and technical details of some experiments that usually are not included in papers. I think these are good materials for blog posts and they might be of interest and helpful to some. All in all, this blog is like one bullet for two birds!

Over all evaluation–with a few hits and only 6 posts, plus my failure to convince anyone in the lab to join in–I would give myself a D grade. What grade would you give me?

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6 comments on “One Month Old, I am Just a Baby Blogger
  1. A+
    The point of the exercise is to put yourself out there and express what you honestly think. The number of people who view or respond is unimportant. If you focus on that too much you will gravitate towards a lower common denominator and become unable to communicate your message at the level that it deserves.


  2. SR says:

    Thanks for the grade. Wow, A+!!!
    I agree, blog is not really all about the stats. However, I think the stats may be used as an indicator of quality. If nobody wants to return to read the posts, it may mean that they are not that interesting or of any useful. The best thing about blog, I think, is that one can write posts just about anything, which supposedly are not taken seriously, so basically one could just bubble.. and that may become popular somehow.… But is that productive or has any impact? I agree, one should focus on writing good posts, which I think should covey messages and/or initiate discussion. I think interactive feature is unique for blog. From my observation around the chemistry blogsphere, there seems to be a circle of bloggers who leaves comments. So, I don’t expect much in term of number of comments. I am satisfied with the stat we have so far, but it will be great to see a bit more number of hits, going up along with the development, hopefully with some better quality posts. Though, substance and quality may not always go along with popularity. As I have seen, popular professors are not necessary good professors these days, just make things easy…. Many interesting research topics are not always popular because they are difficult….Yep, I will keep these in mind. Thanks for your encouragement.


  3. Also keep in mind that you have 2 types of target readers – one group will subscribe to your blog and follow you long term. These people are most likely to leave comments I think.

    There is also a population that finds a specific post by some search engine (Google usually) or referral. In the case of my blog this population is much larger than my subscribers and it is very informative to see what types of search words they use. This group rarely leaves messages but I can tell if their queries were answered (for example if they search for NMR t-butylamine). I use the free sitemeter on my blogs and wikis but if you are running your own server you can get that info a number of ways.


  4. SR says:

    Thanks for more info about the stats. I use the WordPress free service, so not much flexibility. The WordPress stats provide referrers and search engine terms as well, probably good enough for now.


  5. Ψ*Ψ says:

    I’d give you an A so far. Don’t expect many readers so soon–the beginning is an exercise in persistence. Eventually people will take notice and link you.
    Keep it up, though. Blogging is a nice way to draw attention to cool research in unexpected places.


  6. SR says:

    Thanks for giving an A so far….Yep, got it, an A *so far*….means the grade could drop… Ah, looks like you gonna be a tough professor 🙂 And I like the word “persistence”.

    When I started this blog, it was more like…just to do something different for fun… But once in it, it becomes like doing a project to me, so naturally expect to see some progress, with good results…right? Sure, like those tough research projects, can’t give up too soon. Will keep it up. Thanks for the encouragement.


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