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One Month Old, I am Just a Baby Blogger

Exactly one month ago today, I started this weblog. One month old, I am just a baby blogger, still learning and developing. Maybe it is too early to say how productive this weblog will be. But, like we usually do

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A Long, Tough Road Toward an Organic Magnet

Yes, preparation of practical organic magnet remains a very difficult, challenging problem. Many may believe it is impossible, some may have doubt, some may say–waste of time! It is not easy to go against the natureā€¦those electrons are happy to

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Look What We Just Got: Meiji EMZ-5TR Zoom Stero Microscope

We just got a new stereo microscope, the Meiji EMZ-5TR zoom stero microscope, with PBH stand and polarization accessories. Such microscope system is useful for detecting and viewing birefringent materials. Why do we need to have the microscope? Very so

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