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It appears that JOC will introduce a new category–Featured Article–in 2008. We learned this by surprise, when we received the galley of our article, Synthesis, Structure, and Conformation of Aza[1n]metacyclophanes (JOC ASAP, DOI:10.1021/jo702151n), with the Featured Article header. It was a very pleasant surprise!!! We received only the usual notification that our article was accepted for publication. It was a long waiting for the galley and for the ASAP to appear online, perhaps due to the new category. We think the category will be introduced in the 2008 Editorial, so we are eager to learn more about it.

In fact, the manuscript was submitted to JACS and was rejected (rejection letter1). We then submitted the same manuscript (no revision) together with the JACS rejection letter to JOC and it was accepted without further review. OK, great, our work is published in JOC and the JACS editor think that about 50% of the general chemical community would feel that this work would be suitable for publication in JACS, because 50% of the reviewers thought so! Whew! The editor was under “increasing pressure to make sure that all JACS manuscript are of broad interest, and completely scientifically acceptable “. Well, all four referees said that our manuscript was of high quality, but two did not think that it was novel or broad enough for JACS. Our supporting information was 65 pages thick.

The question is does it really matter where this manuscript is published?

Topic for another post: dissemination of research results: does it really matter where the work is published?

1identity of the editor was removed, so no bad feeling….

UPDATE: the TOC Alert for the January 4 issue of JOC has just arrived in my inbox and our manuscript is one of the 6 Featured Articles. Here is the Editorial.

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